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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonals

It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for your time. I appreciate your integrity for the work you do and also for the fact that you work from an unconditional heart space. This was so refreshing and heart warming, whilst also resonating truth. You gave me answers to questions that have not been answered before and it all made wonderful sense. This was so refreshing. Your awareness of the needs of children incarnating now is very special and of much benefit to all involved.”

B.C., Primary School Teacher, Sunshine Coast


WOW! What a transforming experience. It’s like I have had a spiritual promotion. You are a Master Teacher that guides and empowers her students to think positively at a higher level and create/find solutions themselves. The amount of realisations, releases, energy ascensions and shifts are amazing and have transformed every area of my life.”

C.A., Croupier, Northern Territory


A course with Jean will blow your old way of thinking and she will show you your own personal wisdom and knowledge. Jean so beautifully develops and challenges both your thinking and intuition, so you can be the best you can be.”

K.J. Metaphysical Healer/Teacher, Brisbane


It was such a wonderful experience and environment in your course. Thank you again for an amazing weekend. I am so grateful for the knowledge and awareness I gained.
Amanda, Module II, Brisbane

Thank you for another amazing weekend workshop – blown away! I think this one had the deepest impact on me based on the physical experiences I was having.
Donna, Module II, Caboolture

This course was a turning point in my life after a traumatic experience. Taking the course was literally mind blowing and transformed my life (and my EGO and I am still experiencing major changes). I look forward to the next Module and the awakenings. Thank you Jean for being the change agent for me.
Janine, Module II, Brisbane

I recently took part in Module I, run by the extraordinary woman JEAN SHEEHAN. We experienced incredible breakthroughs and miracles. It was a supportive and safe environment to explore the deep hidden healing powers within, freeing yourself of limitations and fear. It was truly an unforgettable experience and one I will hold to my heart always.
Nijole, Module I, Brisbane

As a Master Coach and Hypnotherapist, I was able to open myself up to Jean so she could fill in the gaps, the unanswered questions. Jeans knowledge of ancient times is outstanding and because of her medical background it is truly evident she is living her purpose. I am grateful to Jean for being the reflection of the spirit of LOVE and empowerment.
Di, Awakened Children, Brisbane

Opening Doors for me was like opening up to the Universe and coming home. It gave me a huge insight as to who I am and what my role and life purpose is - LOVE. I am ever so thankful for all that Jean and the course has brought and keeps bringing me. I see magic and perfection of the Universe in every moment of the day.
Marie, Opening Doors, Sydney

Jean I thank you with all my heart. I feel ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT. I will use these tools for life. All my love.

Samantha, Opening Doors , Sunshine Coast

Thank you. A seminar with you Jean, is great privilege. Thank you for the privilege. With gratitude for being in my life.

Gina, Opening Doors, Sydney

Jean will blow your old thinking. Her love of people and teaching, her amazing talents, experiences and wisdom makes this course such a great gift and tool to make your life magical.
Kate, Module I , Brisbane

I felt I had to email you to thank you for tonight. I was lost for words (very rare for me as I am a journalist). I could not find the words to express my feelings and gratitude to you. Your course was both comforting and familiar to me, and I can not express how happy I am that I was able to attend. My head is still spinning and yearns for more. I really do feel empowered to begin.
Loretta, Awakened Children, Brisbane

The Awakened Children Course was more than I had anticipated. This has been the best course I have completed. Jean is an inspirational teacher, and when she speaks you she is speaking truth and from heart. The course touched to a level where I am still living in harmony with my daughter. The little things no longer stress me like they once did. A real shift took place on the course.
Monique, Awakened Children, Brisbane

When Jean first talked to me, I knew straight away she could help to teach and enlighten me. I had just closed my business and was on the verge of losing my house. Jean gave me reason, understanding and strength to keep going. I am a herbalist and help many people, but Jean's course was therapy for the mind, body and soul. We need to understand why we create what we do. Jean teaches this. I had the most amazing experience that I have never had before. My world has become full of beauty. I have been blessed to find her.
Alison, Module I, Toowoomba

I went to Jean's course on the suggestion of my friend. I had no idea what it was about. I learnt to let go, trust in my intuition and my heart and to believe in me. Jean's course is one of those that you have continual learnings from as you reflect on her teachings. It is an evolution and continuous learning as it opens up your heart, soul and mind allowing your spirit to be in total self worth.
Rachel, Sydney

WOW! What a fantastic weekend. More than I could have anticipated. Totally awesome and totally humbling. Thank you for my personal breakthroughs – unexpected, amazing, freeing.
Donna, Awakened Children, Brisbane

No words can describe what we received on this course. You are a little miracle worker and I am so grateful that you have come in to my life. Thank you with all my heart.
Carolyn, Awakened Children, Murwillumbah

Thank you for assisting me with some dramatic breakthroughs at the course. I was really ready and can feel there is a much deeper sense of calm within myself. You are such a beautiful soul.
Sam, Awakened Children, Melbourne

You are an inspiration for others to light their flame inside for the good of all. Thank you for sharing all with me that you know.
Janine, Module III, Sydney

WOW! What a weekend! I am able to anything because of you and what you have taught over the last twelve months.

Jane, Module III, Brisbane

Since being with you I’ve had some amazing experiences and messages. I felt so FREE and relieved that I could now own who I am. My body has released a lot of the emotional stresses that have built up over many years. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us, we feel very privileged to have you in our lives.
Mary, Module II, Sunshine Coast

Thank you so much for your on going support and guidance. You have changed my life in so many ways. You truly are an angel.

Phillip, Module II, Brisbane

Thanks for all your advice, encouragement through out my time with you. It has been adventure.
Vince, Sunshine Coast, Module IV

I wanted to thank you for the most rewarding weekend of my life. I feel changes within myself already, and I feel I have more strength and love in myself than ever before. So from my heart, thank you.
Claire, Module I, Brisbane

Another powerful awakening as you reveal the next level of understanding of the soul/human journey. Each course with Jean has been a profound cleansing process bringing me closer and closer to acceptance and understanding of the ABSOLUTE. What a trip!

Robyn, Module III, Sunshine Coast

Completeing module III was like completing a long lost journey home to who I really am. It was truly awesome experience. I am seeing life now with a new knowingness that is patient and respectful of where everyone is at. I grateful you have awakened these gifts within me.
Janine, Module III, Brisbane

Jeans courses are such a beautiful experience and are held in such a loving, nurturing, secure environment. If everyone in the world just did one of these courses what a beautiful place it would be. You have inspired me and changed my life.

Samantha, Module III, Gold Coast

I have found Jean’s courses to be a total surprise as they are never what I think they will be. They are always so much more. They are all about finding your own truth, peeling away the layers of hurt and fear, and realizing that you do have the power to recognize what an amazing, powerful person you actually are. Jean is a person of great love and integrity and I am very grateful to have been able to spend time with her.
Lynette, Module III, Brisbane 

Thank you for discovering who I really am and where I am going in my life. To explain what you do is impossible because you work with an individual's needs. You have given me an inner strength and the power to take steps needed to continue my journey confidently. You are amazing and I am forever grateful for all your help.
Regina, Module I, Brisbane

At a time in my life when I was frozen with fear and filled with doubt and confusion, Jean was able to help me take the steps toward clarity and calmness. This has allowed me to reconnect with artistic passion and bring back stability to my life. I have learned new techniques to manage my closest relationships as well promoting a healthy relationship with myself. I have taken giant leaps to a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. I am on the path to self acceptance. Thank you Jean.
Annette, Module II, Canberra

My experience with Jean was absolutely empowering. After working on my personal growth for many years, the healing and positive inner changes I experienced through working with Jean was without a doubt, the most powerful. This feeling of euphoria I learned from Jean. Her Medical Intuitive gifts are profound and incredibly powerful. I am honored to know her.

Naomi, Module I, Melbourne

The highlights of the weekend were the forgiveness technique and the crystal grids, which have left a huge impression on me. Needless to say Module IV turned out to be yet another huge adventure into the ABSOLUTE. Thank you Jean for giving me the opportunity to find ME.
Jayne, Module IV, Brisbane

Watching you teach and encourage your group is just the most amazing thing to watch. You really are an inspiration to me and many people that you help. Thank you for the wonderful weekend.
Marie, Sunshine Coast, Module II

The experience I had on the most recent Module IV course was a greater awareness and expansion of myself. I loved the connection to the absolute.

E.L Primary School Teacher, Module IV

It has been a real journey of discovery on each course with so many levels. I have found I am a better loving mother, wife, friend and daughter. I can not remember the old me. I recommend you take the journey if you want more peace and love in every aspect of yourself.
M.S Artist, Module IV

I felt I made a real breakthrough on this course and have an understanding of some deep seated issues that I was not consciously aware of. I am more able to stand my ground and become a person in my own right, laying down boundaries, being more true to myself. By putting an importance on time for myself and learning to love myself, I am to be of service to others.

D.H. Admin, Module IV

I found Module IV to be liberating and life changing. I no longer get involved in drama. I put myself first and myself a priority in my own life. I am in the process of letting go of all I no longer need. If you are ready to change your life, love yourself, love everyone, love all challenges, experiences and situations and manifest the life you want, the Medical Intuitive Modules are for you.
M.B. Naturopath, Module IV

I awakened to discover that my true potential is already inside me and that I found it as a transitional experience. I am more at peace with myself and the world. These courses have given me tools to use both personally and professionally and to share with others to help transform their lives. I would highly recommended these courses for anyone interested in personal and planetary transformations.
B.C. Primary Teacher, Module IV

My experience on each course has varied. From totally blocking with headaches to Module IV where I feel total peace and love. Since doing the courses I have found inner peace, inner strength, love, and go with the ebb and flow of life without drama. In my personal and professional life I have life tools for an abundant life filled with love, grace and gratitude. If you are ready to change your life, these courses are an amazing way to help you see only love and live the life you want.

M.A. Secondary Teacher, Module IV

This experience was an amazing privileged space to share sacred personal awakenings. I have found inner peace and sense of coming home.
H.N Registered Nurse, Module IV

On Module IV I felt my DNA was being recoded. It felt as though my SELF has been reborn in to the new era. Since doing the courses I feel acceptance and love for all especially myself. This then allows me to love unconditionally.
J.D. Naturopath, Module IV

Module IV was very empowering. I have been able to release ‘stories’ and learnt more about myself. I have been happier in my personal life and found the courage to take steps to establish my business and commence practicing. If you are looking for tools (Medical Intuition) for life and to change your life, find your direction, do it!  
L.M. Herbalist, Module IV

My perspective on life and relationships have changed. My reactions are in love. I have more honest, open and rewarding relationships with all. This is a fantastic investment/gift to yourself.
W.H. Book Keeper, Module IV

I am able to notice where my feelings are coming from and how to deal with them. I am able to take a step back and look at the situation. I am proud to be talking about what I do at my current work. Each day I apply this knowledge from the Medical Intuitive courses by knowing how to handle situations without getting annoyed, angry, frustrated etc. If you want to know how to deal with the situations that come in your life in an easier way, these courses are for you.
D.R. Registered Nurse, Module IV

Since doing these courses I actually love myself now, on every level. I can see/feel the real me and embrace it. My self esteem and confidence have brought me where I never felt I’d go. The learning from each module seeps it's way beautifully in to everyday life. My daughter naturally connects to the energy. Allow yourself the time. You need it and deserve it. You will walk out a different person at the end of the weekend with the biggest smile on your face.
T.S Crystal Jewellery Maker, Module IV

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