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Student Stories

Student Stories

Monique Shares...
Monique graduated from MOD I – III,
Awakened Children, Opening Doors, Golden One

Right now in my life I feel that I have the Midas touch, everything I want or wish for is turning into gold. I was looking for a way to repay my mum who has been taking and picking up my daughter from school since I started my new teaching career this year. I also wanted to take my daughter on an amazing adventure holiday, but was not sure how I could afford it, then I won an amazing adventure holiday that I could take my mum on to thank her for all she has done for me and the holiday for my daughter and I. I felt so blessed and honoured that I won this amazing prize. Two days later I found out that the position at work that I had applied for, I got and this is even more amazing as I am a first year teacher (first term really) and thought it might have gone to a more experienced teacher. Wow I was really started to feel that I was being looked after. During the last week of term I told my classes that I would be moving to the other school campus, and I was so touched and amazed at how many students were going to really miss me. I was blown away as I only had these precious students for 10 weeks and already I had made an impact – wow that was a powerful experience for me!! Students who I never would have dreamed about liking me, were devastated.
All of these amazing things have come about through the work that I have done with Jean. When I first started working with Jean, I lived a life of fear. Fear that I would not have enough money, that I was not a good mum, that I did not have enough time for everything and everyone in my life, that being a single mother was socially unacceptable. I now believe that I am worthy of great things in my life and that I can create anything that I want,. I knew when I bought the tickets in the Art Union that I was going to win. I did not think about it again until I received the letter. At the same time as being able to create anything I want, I have also learnt to be grateful for all that I already have. To see the absolute abundance there is around me every day. I no longer value material possessions, but the people around me. I have truly chosen to live a life of love instead of fear. For me this is all thanks to the amazing work of Jean.
I am honoured and so proud to be able to call her my mentor, my friend.
With an abundance of love from my heart to yours
Monique, Secondary School Teacher

SB Shares …..

SB of QLD graduated from MOD I, II, III
I have been feeling very relaxed and calm since the Mod 2 weekend. I have a feeling of a higher vibration in my body, and my head/brain seems to have a more improved clarity.  In early hours on Monday morning, as I was stirring from sleep I became aware of a weight lifting from the side of my bed. I feel that someone had been sitting on my bed with me and moved away as I woke.  The next morning, my daughte's partner got up to go to work at 4am and walked into the kitchen and there was a man sitting in the computer chair, which was facing away from him.  There is so much love coming from my heart.  I don't need to speak it, just feel it radiate. Mod 2 has been very healing and a big learning curve.  I thank you so much for all that you are doing for me and everyone else out there that you touch.
With love and gratitude, SB Medical Receptionist

Heidi Shares …..
Heidi Graduated from MOD I, II, III, IV,
Awakened Children, Atlantis. Lemuria
“On the courses I have felt a sense of belonging and a connection in safe and loving place. I have learnt so much, and so many easy and simple techniques to use everyday to cope with emotions, relationships and challenges that arise each day. I have confidence in who I am and feel peaceful. I can not imagine going back to where I was. I use these techniques every day in life. This is the best thing I have done in my life. I would recommend this to anyone. You have an understanding of life and realise who you are, and also realise that you can create whatever you want in life.”
Thank you, Heidi – Masseuse, Qualified Medical Intuitive Practitioner

Amanda Shares …..
Amanda graduated from MOD I, II, III, IV

My experience on the courses at Millennium Education has been an awakening and life changing one. I am so grateful for the knowledge, both theory and practical, that I have gained throughout all these courses with Jean and the team members/staff. These Modules have helped to understand we all perfect and love resides in every living being. Understanding DNA, EGO, Sacred Geometry, Kundalini and much more has allowed me to see how blessed we all are to live on this amazing Earth.
Since doing the courses, I have been able to become aware of when certain emotions (such as fear, anxiety, stress) come up and am able to release and let go of these feelings of the EGO easily. I am also able to acknowledge that thoughts are energy which has allowed me to shift my consciousness to love, joy, happiness in my everyday life.
I apply the theory and practical knowledge that I have gained through linking certain emotions or physical pain/sensations with the spiritual and underlying meaning of them. I can better understand the emotions that come up for family and friends, realising that we are all on an evolutionary path towards oneness with love and the absolute.
I will definitely be applying this knowledge and awareness that I have gained with working with children, teaching from heart space. I hope to portray and bring self love, peace and harmony.
Two years ago I met the beautiful Jean Sheehan and since our first meeting I realised that I have met one of the most gifted and amazing souls here on earth. I am so grateful, not only for the life changing courses, but also the friendships I have been blessed to develop with Jean, team members, and fellow students.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jean. You have helped me open to live and perfection of ALL THERE IS. My soul is forever grateful.

Amana - Psychologist and Teacher

B.W. from LA USA.....

Hi Jean,
I am in LA. I am at peace, neutral, joyous, new. It feels as if I've never been here before, nothing within me feels the same. What used to motivate & inspire me no longer does. Joy, Love & heart seems to be all that matters. My mind is still, so much has dropped away. I've arrived & it feels like the reason that I came no longer exists, or more... that whatever has transpired within me, a 'story', a chapter of existence has ended... The B.W. that existed before had a reason to come here, she is gone now.. I don't know what this new being will do. I feel there are no questions, no need to search or heal, or figure out, or complete, transform... I am... the I Am is overflowing with joyous celebration & the only movement is the movement towards what does that expression look like, now that I am not moving due to a feeling of lack, of self esteem/worth, programming, what does my joy move me to express, share, create. It is beautiful, intimidating & confusing for those around me I feel so whole & complete, new.

Much love

Michael Shares.....
Michael from MOD I, II, & Private Session

Hi Jean.

First of all thank you so much, i could listen to you speak for days :)
I felt urged to write after the workshop on the weekend. Being around such love and amazing energy and beautiful women who are so in tune with everything was just an incredible experience. There were moments throughout the weekend where I was just in complete awe of the connection and synergy within the group. I though I would write and share with you what has transpired since you helped me through my breakthrough. After that night I slept for ages.  I have been shown so much since then. I have meditated and taught yoga regularly, overcome my fear of the ocean and find myself very calm and at ease with life and so empowered. The most amazing thing is that I was shown that up until now I have lived my whole life from a space of fear. Even when I was at my happiest there was still an undercurrent of fear.........I have literally been shown little film clips of times in my life where this was evident and it just blows my mind. Removing that fear or allowing it to be freed from my body was what I was experiencing and I still feel residual effects of it but the strength is less and less each time  I don't own most of my fears and they have no real basis in my life is simply incredible. I am also so much more conscious of my body and what is happening and can literally feel the blood moving through my veins and an my heart chakra  in particular is  so open at the moment. I have also been shown alternate paths that my life could have taken in quite some detail and I am still a little lost for words to describe how this has changed my whole life perspective. I am so excited about what is to come and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone for module three.

Having gridded my bed, there were times throughout the last two weeks when I felt like I was back in the womb... it was dreams have been vivid, insightful and often there have been guides there sharing with me and things are falling 'out of place' just perfectly. Since completing module II I have noticed myself noticing so much more going on around me, and at times it is a little overwhelming. The amount of signage and advertising and "visual" noise we have thrust at us on a minute to minute basis through out our days is spray painting our subconscious and that of our unsuspecting children with gunk........I also find that Millennium Education has opened my heart chakra so much that I experience the whole gamut of emotions that interplay invisibly yet so powerfully between us all, every minute of every day. At times this brings tears, laughter, bliss, sadness, grief and more often awe at the potentiality of human kind if we all came from a space of absolute love, which is what our children have before they are exposed to anything else. Thank you for the answers to so many questions that have eluded me for so long, and when you get your school up and running I would love to be involved any way that would be helpful.
Love and soooo much gratitude,
Barrista QLD

Adriana Shares.....
Adriana graduated from MOD I, II, & Awakened Children

Dearest Jean,
I don’t know where to start but doing your courses, and I mean all of them have changed my life dramatically.  It has changed the way I look at myself and the way I look at the world in general. After the courses I felt that I was every one that attended that particular Module. I could feel my face being their face and the way I talk I could feel that it was Them talking not me. That was a big connection to me to all that it is. My awakening has been such that I can hear Mother Earth heart beat and its is mighty big and comforting. I am starting to clearly see the colour of the chakras, and other feeling which I do not understand yet. I feel more and more expansion in my energy field. I cannot wait to do module 3 and 4 And see what the outcome will be!
When we did Awaken children, I was able to tune in to other things that was going around and I did not realized it, until we all heard it. I could feel people working, I thought that there was a very large factory, where people were working overtime. I could hear all that noise and I was very curious to go and see what was happening but because I could not walk much I did not and then we hear it loud and clear the UFO taking off. That was my high light of that week end. Awesome!
Jean I don’t know what else to say because there is so MUCH stuff that has happened and by now it just feels normal. There are no words to describe the work that you do! It is subtle and out of the system. No mucking around straight to the point .And you know what? I LOVE THAT!

Love Adriana

Samantha shares ……
Modules I, II, III, IV, Awakened Children

I can truly see the amazement of my life filled with abundance and blessings everyday. I am now more confident with who I am within myself and this flows over to my relationships with those around me. I remember how to take a deep breath and move forward in a state of love. I am a student who has gone from not remembering anything to learning new information quickly an easily. I have so many moments each day that I feel truly blessed I am at peace. I apply the information for the Millennium Modality in every minute of everyday good and bad I live a life of greater awareness and love.

This was an opportunity for me to learn more about the beautiful gifts that are contained within me. When you raise your awareness and tap into those gifts inside of you, you will change your world.

With gratitude,

KS shares ……………..
Millennium Children Seminar – CPD Teachers

I absolutely loved your Millennium Children seminar and went home that afternoon feeling more refreshed and renewed than I had felt in a long time. I have been to so many Teacher CPD courses that are so boring and really a waste of time, but I felt that yours gave me lots of interesting concepts to think about and was a really inspiring session. I really enjoyed the way you integrated food in to the day. Since then I have made a concerted effort to look at what we eat as a family and we have been eating a lot healthier, the kids have been cooking in the kitchen, it has been great family time.
The four personalities that you described have really made me think about how I teach and deal with different students and I now look at many students in a different light.
I would love to take this further. I would really enjoy doing more of your seminars. Thank you for the lovely gift but also for your time and thoughts with me. It was a really enjoyable day and I have since reflected a lot on what I gained.

Primary School Teacher
Gympie, QLD

Ruthie shares ………
Modules I, II, III, Awakened Children.
Opening Doors, Abseiling Day
In Jean’s work she talks about the ‘Mac truck affect and how people choose to experience their individual ‘Mac Truck’s’. Some experiences come in the form of relationship break downs, financial break downs, health and the like. These ‘break downs’ are critical to one’s transformation and ultimately a result in ‘BREAK THROUGHS’ as one moves from what/who they thought they were to who they really are and what  is real – that being love.
The wonderful thing about doing Jean’s work is that it is all done with a loving intent and ever so gentle. Initially it breaks down who you thought you were. As one becomes empowered, they gauge their growth and understanding by how subtle the emotions become. One becomes more aware and in tune with their own personal truths, their knowingness expands and life is really loving and simple. One is able to feel their emotions without the associated drama; the emotional peaks disperse quickly to the point where you are absolutely empowered. You become more at peace within and you will see only love in the external world. You understand the Universal truth of ‘Oneness’. That is ‘I am you and you are me’, we are all one. It is transforming fear to love as Jean states on the courses. Love is really only what exists.

Absolute love,
Primary School Teacher, Queensland
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